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  • "Heaven" monologue added

    Tags: secular, free score

    When Robert Weddle kindly sent a copy of "Heaven", it refered to a mysterious monologue:

    We have retrieved the full text of the monologue from the copy in the CUL and added it to the … more

  • Heaven!

    Tags: voice, piano, free score, secular

    "Heaven!", for voice and piano, was written in 1954 for performance in "Just as it Comes" at Trinity College, Cambridge. The lyrics are by Simon Phipps (Chaplain at Trinity College& … more

  • Five Thackeray Ditties

    Tags: choir, secular, free score

    Peter Tranchell composed the Five Thackeray Ditties for the Cambridge University Madrigal Society’s May Week Concert in June 1962, which was conducted by Raymond Leppard. The  … more

  • Waltz and Calypso

    Tags: oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, secular, 1977

    The Waltz and Calypso is a wind octet written for the inauguration of the Cambridge University Music School Concert Hall, 11 November 1977. It is scored for 2 x oboe, 2 x clarinet in Bb, 2 x … more