List of Musical Works

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This page lists a selection of music by Peter Tranchell. Additional information, including details of the scoring/resources required for these works can be found by searching for them on the University Library Online Catalogue and will be added here in due course.

Where the name of the work is underlined as a hyperlink, more information is to be found on a page dedicated to that work, including analysis, scores, reviews etc - click the hyperlink to find out more. We intend this page to become a more complete listing of Tranchell's works, and to add a detail page for every work.

For a more complete list, but without any hyperlinks to further information or scores, please refer to the CLASSIFIED HANDLIST.

* indicates that a computer-set copy is available even though we've not prepared a dedicated web page – please get in touch through the contact page. Other works may be made available on request, subject to relevant permissions/fees - again, please contact us.

† available from CMS

Operas & Operettas​

TitleYearSub-title / notesCUL archive ref.
The Mayor Of Casterbridge 1951 Opera based on Thomas Hardy's novel. 2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, horn, 2 trumpets, tenor trombone, cymbal, bass drum, side drum, timpani, piano, Hammond organ, voices and strings. Multiple holdings including MS.Tranchell.1.1
The Stowaway 1950? A comic space opera for young people in one act: voices and piano. Possibly unfinished - the only musical score in the CUL  is described as "Pencil ?draft of the opening only, for piano and voices, with other instrumental lines left blank." MS.Tranchell.2.26
Zuleika 1954 Musical comedy: solo voices & chorus, orchestra (1010 0110 - violins, celli, contra, piano, percussion, on stage band) Multiple holdings including MS.Tranchell.1.4
Twice a kiss 1955 Operetta in one act for soloists, piano and electronic organ Multiple holdings including MS.Tranchell.2.8
Captain Cook 1959-85 Unfinished. Multiple holdings including MS.Tranchell.3.7
Colomba ? Unfinished. Multiple holdings including MS.Tranchell.2.27
Edward II 198-? Unfinished. MS.Tranchell.1.15

Dramatic Cantatas

TitleYearSub-title / notesCUL archive ref.
Mrs Tittlemouse 194-? Soloists, chorus, flute, 2 violas, piano and percussion
Daisy Simpkins (The spinning house) 1954, revised 1989 Cantata or concert-operetta. Duration: 50'. Main vocal soloists: 1 soprano, 1 contralto, 1 tenor, 1 baritone. Minor vocal soloists: 2 sopranos, 7 baritones. SATB chorus. Accompaniment: 2 pianos. Multiple holdings including
Murder at the Towers 1955, revised 1986 Detective cantata. Duration: 40'. STT solos, SATB chorus and 2 pianos.
The surprises of divorce 1959‑61? Libretti and sketches only
Aye, aye Lucian! 1960 A fantasy for baritone solo, male voice chorus and piano. Duration: 70'. Multiple holdings including 
The Mating Season 1962 A concert entertainment. Duration: 70'. Major vocal soloists: 5 tenors, 5 baritones, 1 bass, one male speaking part. Minor vocal soloists: 1 tenor, 2 baritones, 1 bass, three male speaking parts. Male‑voice chorus and piano. Multiple holdings including
His First Mayweek 1963 Cantata or concert‑operetta. Duration: 66'. Major vocal soloists: 1 soprano, 1 contralto, 2 tenors, 3 baritones, 1 bass. Minor vocal soloists: 3 baritones, 1 bass. 6 male minor speaking roles; several very small speaking or singing roles. Male‑voice chorus and 2 pianos. Multiple holdings including
The Robot Emperor 1965 Cantata or concert operetta. Duration: 80'. Major vocal soloists: 2 T, 2 Br, 4 B. Minor vocal soloists: 3 T, 3 Br, 1 B. Narrator; 3 male minor speaking parts; male voice chorus orchestra ( ‑ ‑ strings, piano, electric organ, perc: vibraphone, sidedrum, cymbals, triangle, woodblock; strohl-viol, swanee whistle). Multiple holdings including

Music for Plays

TitleYearSub-title / notesCUL archive ref.
Johnson over Jordan 1947 J. B. Priestley Multiple holdings including tbc
Macbeth 1949 William Shakespeare Multiple holdings including tbc
The Merchant of Venice 1950 Shakespeare Multiple holdings including tbc
Bacchae of Euripides: music for the Cambridge Greek Play 1955 music for the Cambridge Greek Play Multiple holdings including tbc
Troades of Seneca 1957 music for the Bryanston School Latin play Multiple holdings including tbc
Antigone of Sophocles 1959 music for the Cambridge Greek Play Multiple holdings including tbc
The Fire Raisers: Incidental music for a television drama 1963 Incidental music for a television drama Multiple holdings including tbc


TitleYearSub-title / notesCUL archive ref.
Falstaff 1950
Fate's Revenge 1951 Performed by Ballet Rambert at the Lyric, Hammersmith, choreography by David Paltenghi, set by Ronald Ferns
Images of Love 1964 produced at Covent Garden with choreography by Kenneth MacMillan, principal dancer Rudolf Nureyev, revived 2003
Pantomimes 1952-1960 Pantomime music for various productions at the Theatre Royal, Windsor

Piano music

TitleYearSub-title / notesCUL archive ref.
Suite 1935 Composed aged 13. Piano solo
Seven Pieces in Alphabetical Order 1947, revised 1960 Piano solo
Souvenir d’un jour d’espoir: valse 1947 Incidental music from Johnson over Jordan. Piano solo
Sonata for piano / IIIrd sonata for pianoforte 1948 Piano solo. In 5 movements: I. An allegro - II. A slow liquid movement - III. A scherzo - IV. A pensive slow movement - V. A cadenza and fugato MS.Tranchell.1.31; MS.Tranchell.2.291; MS.Tranchell.2.292; MS.Tranchell.2.293
Sonatina for piano 1949 Piano solo. In five movements: I. Moderato - II. Allegro, lento, Marcia - III. Andante - IV. Lento, allegro, lento - V. Marcia (with some differences between versions). Note inside cover: "for Jane" [Elizabeth Jane Howard]. Recorded at Potton Hall, 2004, John Fraser, piano. MS.Tranchell.2.294-6; recording CD.080.1
Rhapsody ‑ homage a Brahms 194-? Piano solo MS.Tranchell.2.287
Salonika nights: valse 194-? Piano solo MS.Tranchell.4.55
Sing a song of sixpence; Baa baa blacksheep; Rockabye baby 194-? Improvisations on nursery songs for piano solo MS.Tranchell.2.289
Bach’s Grabe 194-? Piano solo (unfinished) MS.Tranchell.2.276
Variations on a theme by Mozart 194-? Piano solo. Theme from Sonata in D, K. 284. Incomplete (five and a half variations only). MS.Tranchell.2.290
Dodecafonia 1950 Piano solo
Friendly Grotesques 1953 Four hands one piano
Piece for Carl Dawson 195-? Piano piece for Carl Dawson. Piano solo. 12 leaves, including table for 12-note row. MS.Tranchell.2.282
Spring rondo 1968 Duet for four hands one piano Missing
How I miss you 1985 Piano solo, possibly a song
Tango fugue in G 198-? Sketch - unfinished. Piano solo

Plus other unidentified piano pieces

Organ music

TitleYearSub-title / notesCUL archive ref.
Nativitates: Two movements for organ 1943
Carol voluntary 1948, rev.1964
Little sonata for organ 1948
Organ sonata 1950
Four voluntaries for organ 1952, rev.1964
Organ Sonata 1958
Organ voluntaries to be played during Holy Communion 1960
Sonatina for organ 1964, revised 1967 Written for Martin Neary

Orchestral Music

TitleYearSub-title / notesCUL archive ref.
Decalogue 1956
Scherzetto 1960
Nocturne 1961
Eclogue 1962
Noctet 1964
Festive Overture* 1966
Concerto Grosso 1972

Instrumental & chamber music

A puritanism: flute and piano (1941)

Triolet (1948)

Sonatina for flute and piano (1966)

Waltz and Calypso wind octet written for the opening of the new building of the University Music School (1977)*

Movements: fantasia in five movements (1987)

Choral music with orchestral/instrumental accompaniment

City of God: an extravaganza (or ‘hymn-sandwich’) based on the hymn tune Richmond for chorus & orchestra: written for Eastbourne College (1950)

This Sorry Scheme of Things: written for Homerton College (1951)

The Joyous Year: written for the Centenary of Clifton College (1961)

Saul’s successor: cantata (1969)

Smaller choral works ‑ with accompaniment


A large number of settings of Psalms, hymns and music for the liturgy, mostly for the Chapel of Gonville & Caius

Fitzwilliam Mass (1960)*

If ye would hear the angels sing (1965, revised 1974)†

St. Michael's Mass (1965, revised 1988)*

Bread of the World, in mercy broken (Hymn 409, Durley Mill) (1970)†

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in G: TTBB and organ (1967); Nunc Dimittis transposed for tenor/baritone and AATBrBB (1976)

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in C major (1970, arr 1988 for SAATBrBB) dedicated to the mysterious Dr Wotherspoon...

Te Deum in B major (1973)

How fair and how pleasing: SATB and organ. (1974)

Te Deum in E (1974)

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in Bb (1975, 1978)

Dazzling darkness: Br solo, ATBrBB and organ. (1976)

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in B (1981)

People, look East (1982, arranged Peter Marchbank 2013)

Blessed are those that are undefiled in the way: SAATBrBB and organ (1986)

Fortunare Nos (1986)

Cantantibus Organis (1987)


No more of thee and me (1978)

Unaccompanied secular choral music

The dog that sat (1967, revised 1976)

Thackeray Ditties (1962)

Christmas shopping (196-?)

Silentium (1975)

His way of taming a shrew (1977)

A day in the garden (1979)

Songs (some serious, some not)

Those extremely foolish things (obscene pastiche of These Foolish Things) (194-?)

Cousin Cissie’s baby book of swans: song cycle (1946)

Seven poems of Po Chü‑i (1948)

Two poems of Tao Ch’ien (1948)

The Greek way of making a friend (1949)

Ça ne veut‑dire rien (All men are animals) (1949)

Please be abnormal nicely (1949)

In a Sunday paper: 8 songs for baritone and piano (1953)

Gerontophily (1954)

Heaven: voice and piano (1954)

Unwritten history (Refrain: Now someone’s kept quiet about that) (1955)

Kavafy songs (1956)

The Kissing Machine (1960)

and a substantial number of songs for Footlights Revues and Smokers Concerts written in the 1940s


There are 27 antiphonal Psalm settings of which two are unfinished.

Psalm 3: chorus, TTBB and organ (1971); SATBrBB and organ (1985)

Psalm 6: ATBB and organ (1976)

Psalm 15: unison voices and organ (1962); unison voices and organ (1962, revised 1976). Psalms 15 and 126 were published in a book titled New Songs of the Church (1), edited by Reginald Barrett-Ayres and Erik Routley, published byStainer & Bell.†

Psalm 23: unison voices and organ (1962); two‑part male‑voice choir and organ (1970); ATBrB choir and organ (1976)*

Psalm 27: two‑part male‑voice choir and organ (1967)

Psalm 28: unison voices, piano and organ (1977)

Psalm 34 (unfinished)

Psalm 47 (unfinished)

Psalm 71: AATBrBB and organ (1978)

Psalms 102 and 103 published in The Anglican Psalter (The New St. Paul's Cathedral Psalter), 1997, John Scott. ISBN-13: 9781853119880.

Psalm 105: TBrBB and organ (1975)

Psalm 107: AATBrBB and organ (1978)

Psalm 108: AATBB, 2 violas, piano and organ (1975)

Psalm 111: SATBrB and organ (1983)

Psalm 117: AATBrBB, piano and organ (1980)

Psalm 119 (vv1‑8): SAATBrBB and organ and piano (1976?)

Psalm 119 (vv153‑176): ATBrBB and organ (1976)

Psalm 121: unison voices and organ (1962) (also setting in A)

Psalm 122: unison voices and organ (1966)

Psalm 126: unison voices and organ (1962); T solo, ATBrBB and organ (1980) (see above re publication)†

Psalm 128: unison voices and organ (1966)

Psalm 130: two‑part male‑voice choir and organ (1967)

Psalm 133: unison voices and organ (1962)†

Psalm 134: TBrB and organ (1968); AAATTBrBrBBBB and 2 violins (1980)

Psalm 141: TBrB and organ (1968); ATBrBB and organ (1976); SSATBrB and organ (1984)

Psalm 147: two‑part male‑voice choir and organ (1966)

Psalm 149: TTBB and organ (1969) AATBrBB and organ (1973)

Psalm 150: unison voices and organ (1968, revised 1974)*

Psalm Chants

TitleYearSub-title / notesCUL archive ref.
Psalm 6 19--? Two double chants in F sharp minor and major for ATBrBB, with pointed text of psalm. MS.Tranchell.3.61
Psalm 26 198-? Double chant for Psalm 26. For SATB & organ in E minor. With complete text of psalm, pointed, in P.A. Tranchell's hand, chant in copyist hand.


Psalm 26 (B) 19--? For ATBB & organ in C minor.


Psalm 75 198-? Double chant for Psalm 75. For SATBrB & organ in E flat major. Version in A major at MS.Tranchell.4.80. With text of Psalm 75, pointed by P.A.T. MS.Tranchell.3.65
Psalm 75 (B) 19--? Double chant for Psalm 75. ATBB & organ in A major. MS.Tranchell.4.80
Psalm 75 (C) 198-? Double chant for Psalm 75. SATBrB & organ in D major. Version in A major at MS.Tranchell.4.80. MS.Tranchell.4.82
Psalm 89 198-? Double chant for Psalm 89. SATBrB & organ in D minor. Transposition of this chant used for Psalm 142 [MS.Tranchell.3.69]. MS.Tranchell.4.88
Psalm 102 Published in the St. Paul's Psalter
Psalm 103 Published in the St. Paul's Psalter
Psalm 142 198-? Double chant for Psalm 142. SATBrB & organ in E flat minor. Originally numbered '89D': this is a transposed copy of Chant 89C in D minor (see MS.Tranchell.4.88). With text of Psalm 142 pointed by P.A. Tranchell. MS.Tranchell.3.69

Unaccompanied Sacred Settings

TitleYearSub-title / notesCUL archive ref.
Libran Responses 1972 Suitable for SATB use without transposition MS.Tranchell.3.88
Jesus said: in this world ye shall have tribulation 1972
Virgoan Responses 1972, arr SATB 1987 MS.Tranchell.3.93
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis: Tone 3 1974 & 1975
Magnificat: Tone 7* 19--?
Magnificat: Tone 8* 1974
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis: Tone 4 1975
Peace be with you 1980

Plus various other settings of Dismissals, Preces and Responses, to be added in due course.

Hymn tunes

Wish Road: Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing; written for Eastbourne College (1950)

The following four tunes were published in a book titled Pilgrim Praise Music Edition, 1972 by Fred Kaan, published by Stainer & Bell. Out of print though copies can be found on the internet, and copies of individual items can be purchased from Stainer and Bell.

MORESTEAD; words (Kaan): The Fullness of the Earth is God's Alone

SWANMORE; words (Kaan): The Earth The Sky The Oceans

DROXFORD; words (Kaan): God gave to Man to have and hold

DURLEY; words (Kaan): Thank you O Lord