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Typesetting style guide



This page contains some guidance for the typesetting of Peter Tranchell's scores. The main aim of this endeavour is to make the music available for review and performance, with a recognition that any works that gain traction may then be professionally published. So we would prefer rapid production of usable and accurate scores to more polished output that takes twice as long.

These scores are primarily for download from the website and printing on standard home/office equipment. This is why most of our scores will be at A4 size; printing at other sizes is less accessible and the materials more expensive.

We assure all prospective performers that we can produce revised scores on demand, if our default offering doesn't meet requirements for any reason.

Acknowledgement of copyright

Where an item is held by the Cambridge University Library, it is necessary to include a statement in this format, on a cover sheet or first page footer:

© Cambridge University Library. Classmark MS.Tranchell.2.331. Published with the permission of the Syndics of the Cambridge University Library.

The classmark will usually be shown in the score, but can also be obtained by finding the work in the online catalogue.

Acknowledgement of typesetting

With several people involved in the typesetting of Peter Tranchell's music it is useful to be able to trace a published PDF score back to its typesetter. Please include "Typesetting by <forename> <surname>, <full date>" below the final bar or in the last page footer, and update this with any revisions following publication with "Revised <full date>".

For example:

Typesetting by John Gwinnell, 16 July 2020
Revised 4 August 2020

Publication on the website

Each score is given its own page, including any background information about the work and known performances, often a preview image of the opening bars, and a link to the PDF score. This page will be created by The Peter Tranchell Foundation, once a score has reached an acceptible level. Research to provide this material is welcomed, along with any new information on existing published scores.

Note that we will consider publication of partial scores. Where it is possible to gain a good impression of a work from a sample, this will allow more rapid publication to a standard that will permit prospective performers to review and assess a work.

The decision as to whether or not to publish any given score on this site rests with The Peter Tranchell Foundation, who will also retain responsibility for meeting the terms and conditions of our agreement with Cambridge University Library for each published score.

Scores may be published elsewhere (e.g. CPDL) with the explicit permission of The Peter Tranchell Foundation, who will retain responsibility for meeting the terms and conditions of our agreement with Cambridge University Library for each published score.


Item Style guidance
Lyrics font
Lyrics size
Page size A4 by default, unless this is not workable for any reason
Page margins Narrow unless this results in unbalanced pages. Min 11mm top and bottom. Min 10mm left and right.
Dynamics position Above the staff for choir parts in choral works
Cover sheets Font: Bembo