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Musical Works by Peter Tranchell

This area of the site is for the publication of scores and information about Peter Tranchell's musical works.

Peter Tranchell's output across a wide range of genres was admired in the highest circles, yet after the Mayor of Casterbridge and Zuleika he advanced almost nothing for publication, and his music is little known today. This website aims to make Tranchell's music available for performance and study.

Scores & Information Classified Handlist Recordings

Performance Calendar Tranchell on Church Music Lists Peter Tranchell's songs The Thematic Catalogue Index to the Anglican Psalm Chants

The most complete list of works is the "Classified Handlist". However the handlist is free-standing and does not cross-reference other resources. We are therefore also compiling a tabular index to the musical works, aiming to include cross-references to the Cambridge University Library Archives and to the individual pages on selected works within this website, on which we are publishing free scores, photographs, information about past performances and recordings, as available. These are being published in blog format here with the facility to find scores through category tags (instruments and time periods) as well as free-text searching.

Some review and analysis of Peter Tranchell's musical output is published in the main blog, using the "analysis" tag.

Please refer to our guidance on the use of scores published by The Peter Tranchell Foundation.