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The Thematic Catalogue

The Thematic Catalogue is a partial list compiled by Tranchell of his own early compositions, including titles, year (and part of year), a musical motif, and various other annotations. The Catalogue (also referred to as the 'Thematic Index') is held in the Cambridge University Library, MS.Tranchell.2.853.

Note that some of the musical motifs are not complete musical phrases, perhaps being more aides-memoire.

Part of the envelope containing Peter Tranchell's Thematic Catalogue of his own early compositions

A sample image

A small part of Peter Tranchell's Thematic Catalogue of his own early compositions

Transcribed entries

A note at the top of the first page states:

B Book. X not fully written.

'FL' is understood to mean Footlights.

The titles from the catalogue are listed in tabular form below, without the musical phrases. We're also publishing the list of missing songs, with their musical motifs, in the order they appeared in Tranchell's Catalogue:

Missing songs with a few bars of notes

Song title from Catalogue Annotation Year
That's why I'm buying the ring 194[?]
Malta telescope 1944
Death is my preoccupation 1944½
RAF 1944½
Floriariariana Blues 1944½
Gleeclub 1944½
Malta the little Altar 1944
I’m curious Katie B 1944
Words cannot Express B 1944
Hopeful-nil desperandum X 1944
My new boyfriend 1944½
Buy buy blackbird 1944
It’s a cuppa mamma’s special home-made tea B 1944
Doormat 1944
Ring the bells and Put the flaps out FL. 1947 194?
Good evening every body FL. 1947 1944
Down in the Backroom X 1944
Just a bit of Heather FL [????]. B 1944
Convalescence [?]
Barnend 1947
Amphilokia 194?
Jeep B 1945
Spartos opening 1945
Salonika. Queen Olga Street X 1945½
Harding Roberts 1945½
Signal mess X 1945½
Tout le monde s’arrete pour le five-o’-clock 1946
Sing my heart 1946
It’s love that makes the world go round 1946½
Calais transit X[?] 1946
Whip my Belly 1945½
Psychiko 1945
Lets be always in each others companies FL. 1947 1946½
Peas-hill parlour 1946
Lacy yourself tighter, Lucy X 1947
Malta scrap X 1944
Of the silly ways F.L. B 1946½
We are the Footylights F.L. B 1946½
No No No! (Stop Stop Stop!) F.L. B 1946½
The Dowager Says 1946½
Too much kissing can be bad for you 1947
Insatiable X 1946½
Love’s gotta be Coupon free 1946½
Gershwin Concerto X 1947
Silvester 1947
Barnabas-Tenison Halt 1947½
Straw in mouth 1947½
Nanny Who dat man! 1947½
High kicks 1947½
Exhibition 1947½
Chauffeur 1947½
Dot’s douce 1947½
Pagan World 1947½
It’s proven he’s a Trinity man 1948
Swiss Car FL 1948 1947½
Pizzicato Doublebass 1948
There's an Opening for you FL S 1947½
Backs to the Wall boys FL S 1947½
I’m the minister FL S 1947½
With Fur around my bottom FL S 1947½
Up the Cam FL 1948 1947½
Old Curtain Number FL S 1947
You’re exactly like a dream come true X 1947½
A Thing or Two X 1947
Shut your eyes, hold your breath 1944
Fairy B 1945½
Money trouble ?? 1947½
Torquay Strand 1947
Happy Ending 1948
Second Man 1948
Bearded Lady 1948
I’ve got a cat called Isabelle B 1938
Here comes Tootsie X 1938
Why I can’t get off with you X 1941
The awfully chap F.L.1948 1948
The Five Four Tune X 1947½
It’s an End X 1948
Olympic Torch Song F.L.1948 1948
Carnival in Bishops Stortford F.L.1948 1948
Sticking to the Saddle F.L.1948 1948
Temple Dancer F.L.1948 1948
It’s The End ?F.L.1948 1948
R.I. (Webbs Court) 1948
I like a hat (Freedom) FL S 1948
Customs House. Channel Queen 194[?]
Customs House. Main tune 194[?]
Customs House. Lady 194[?]
Customs House. You lie to me 194[?]
All roads lead to Rome 194[?]
Telepathy 194[?]
Freeman Hardy & Willis 194[?]
Carter Pattér-song 1948
Come to Codwin Bay 1948
Dancing thro 1948½
Flitting 1948½
Symbolic 1948½
Dancing thro’ again 1948½
What a surprise 1948½
Cervinia trial 1948½
Another bit of dancing thro’ again 1948½
Trinity Street 1948½
Ted’s Pages One 1948½
Ted’s Pages Two 1948½
Paris Albergo 1948½
On the Road 1948½
On the Road again 1948½
Green Walz 1948½
Caressante 1948½
Middle first 1948½
Crossing France 1948½
Bess 1948½
Similar Cases 1948½
Forty Eight Genes 1948½
Mia Bambina 1948½
Blood boil 1948½
Musical trains 1948½
Following the Fish 1948½
Who cares 1948½
Greek way of making a friend 1948½
No hunting 1948½
It’s in the book 1948½
Swingbridge 1948½
Fish II 1948½
to friend 1948½
Faraday Villa 1949
Hills Road 1949
We three always agree 1949
Goodbye to Toni’s 1948
?? Panto opening 1947½
Crowther 1944
U.2. 1942
Second attempt 1944
Happy Chorus 1944
Fairies 1946
Catholic Church 1949
Cornelius Flott 1948½
Cloud at 15.00 1949
Oedipus 1949
Spring 1949
Summer dance 1949
Summer main 1949
Excuse for Venice 1949
Vegetabu-el 1949
You just can’t think (Autumn) 1949
Putting gin in the tea (Autumn) 1949
We’ve had an awful lot of trouble with the boss (Autumn) 1949
Autumn 1949
Fashions 1949
It’s never very safe (Winter) 1949
A lot of people say (Winter) 1949
If winter comes can spring be far behind 1949
Uncle Sam 1949½
Stipulations 1949½
Give me back my heart 1949½
Under your nose 1949½
Idling 1949½
Arlington Rd Valse 1949½
Ça ne veut dire rien 1949½
Sixpence for a chair 1949½
Under your Nose 1949½
Mrs Brown, Mrs Green, etc 1949½
Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt 1950
Mislinguelt 1950½
Sniff sniff sniff 1950½
Lullaby 1951½
I put lead in their pencils 1951½
Robinson Crusoe 1952½
Panto Closing Scene I 1952½
Christmas Pud 1952½
Joshua Taylor’s Pause for laugh 1952½
Please be abnormal nicely 1949
Hoopla Hoopla! 1953
37 Jesus Lane 1953
Knights of Gladness 1953
Square Dance 1953
Who dear? 1952½
Clown 1953
Dame Reject 1953½
Dwarf Ballet I, II, III 1953½
Dame accept (?) 1953½
Malky chapel 1954
Heaven! 1954
Unwritten History 1954
Oh what a problem 1954¾
Gerontophily 1954¾
Dream ballet I – V 1954¾
Zuleika: What an evensong 1954½
Zuleika: I say you’ve got bubbly 1954½
Zuleika: Oxford City of repose 1954½
Zuleika: Beauties architectural 1954½
Zuleika: Nobody cares a wrap for sex in Oxford 1954½
Zuleika: In a tiny East End Music Hall 1954½
Zuleika: Zuleika 1954½
Zuleika: Zuleika's Travels 1954½
Zuleika: We’ll have a lovely time 1954½
Zuleika: We’ll show you the spot 1954½
Zuleika: Lovely sky 1954½
Zuleika: The kind of man for me 1954½
Zuleika: Life without love 1954½
Zuleika: Just a Mother at heart 1954½
Zuleika: Ten thousand acres 1954½
Zuleika: I John Albert 1954½
Zuleika: Nellie O’Mara 1954½
Zuleika: None new the sorrow 1954½
Zuleika: Anything may happen 1954½
Zuleika: The last dance 1954½
Zuleika: What has she got 1954½
Zuleika: Always be wary of women 1954½
Zuleika: Someday 1954½
Zuleika: Skies of grey 1954½
Zuleika: Follow the fashion 1954½
Zuleika: Zuleika’s triumph 1954½
Zuleika: Give me a school 1954½
Zuleika: Just one year & maybe 1954½
Zuleika: Zuleika’s unused verse 1954½
Zuleika: Am I alone in my dreams 1954½
Zuleika: (various sketches) 1954½
Zuleika: Interim 1954½
Zuleika: Attempted Travel Song 1954½
Zuleika: Am I alone : attempts 1954½
Zuleika: Opening : attempt 1954½
Zuleika: lovely time (a), (b), (c) 1954½
Zuleika: City of repose (a), (b) 1954½
Zuleika: Zuleika (a), (b) 1954½
Zuleika: Nellie O’Mara sketch 1954½
Zuleika: Polka 1954½
Zuleika: Doorstep sketch 1954½
Zuleika: Noaks sketch 1954½
Zuleika: I see myself in serge 1954½
Zuleika: My Doorstep Too 1954½
Zuleika: Dorset's unused verse 1954½-55
Zuleika: Damn the woman damn 1954½-55
Zuleika: attempted New Travel Song 1954½-55
Zuleika: New Travel Song 1954½-55
Zuleika: New Polka 1954½-55
Zuleika: sketches (a) - (j) 1954½-55
Gates of Summer 1955
Xmas Tree Land (& sketches x 4) 1955¾
Ballet (x 7) 1956¾
Ballet of Wishes (x 5) 1959¾
Emperor & Princess Ballet (x 7)
Prologue Tune
Love Breakers
The Fox, Ape & Bee
Chapel List 1958
Men’s Shop (3 tunes) 1958½
Love, Cherish & Obey
A Near Thing
Hush He Sleeps
Tedious Affair
Lord Sandwich
Animal Ballet (x 7 tunes) 1958¾
Wonderland Ballet
Envelope Tune
If you can’t tell a dog from a cat 1959
Matthew’s Tea
Pacific (a) & (b)
C’est la Vie
More muggywump
Magdalene Street
Pitt Press
Dodie & Vincent (a) & (b)
The Grove
Exam Paper
Maybe I’m waiting for you 1958¾
Good advice 1958¾
Why why why (a) and (b) 1958¾
Available 1959
Photographs 1959
His First Mayweek: A peaceful night in June
His First Mayweek: Decanters
His First Mayweek: I have just discovered
His First Mayweek: Crême Brûlée
His First Mayweek: By & By
His First Mayweek: Open the Gate for the Fire Brigade
His First Mayweek: The damage is severe
His First Mayweek: None of us like the Notion
His First Mayweek: Where in the whole wide world
His First Mayweek: Now Hadrian, built a
His First Mayweek: I telephoned the laundry
His First Mayweek: I came home
His First Mayweek: You were a teenage burglar
His First Mayweek: Love love love
His First Mayweek: Just a toothbrush & pyjamas
Sonata Horn Violin Piano I, II, III)
What deaths men have died
Nativitates (I & II)
Cissie's Swans (I - XIII)
Lied von der lustbarkeit
3rd piano sonata (I - V)
Johnson over Jordan (I - XXXIV)
7 pieces in alphabetical order (1 - 7)