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The Thematic Catalogue

The Thematic Catalogue is a partial list compiled by Tranchell of his own early compositions, including titles, year (and part of year), a musical motif, and various other annotations. The Catalogue (also referred to as the 'Thematic Index') is held in the Cambridge University Library, MS.Tranchell.2.853.

 Part of the envelope containing Peter Tranchell's Thematic Catalogue of his own early compositions

A sample image

Transcribed entries

A note at the top of the first page states:

B Book. X not fully written.

'FL' is understood to mean Footlights.

IN PREP - the full catalogue will be published here soon. In the interim, we're publishing the list of missing songs, with their musical motifs, in the order they appeared in Tranchell's Catalogue:

Missing songs with a few bars of notes

Note that some of the musical motifs are not complete musical phrases, perhaps being more aides-memoire.