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2022: the Peter Tranchell Centenary

Peter Tranchell was born on 14 July 1922, so 2022 is the centenary of his birth.

Centenary Programme and Appeal

The Foundation is pursuing a programme of work to mark the Centenary and use it to promote PAT’s music and legacy. This will include initiatives to make all significant compositions available in typeset editions that allow them to be performed, promotion of works most likely to be of interest to performers and listeners, promoting recordings of Peter’s music, and a Centenary Musical Soirée and Reception. The Musical Soirée will include performances of two new works to mark the Centenary: a choral composition by Cheryl Frances-Hoad commissioned by the Foundation for Caius Chapel Choir, and the winning entry in a composition competition for a short organ work

The Foundation has launched the Peter Tranchell Centenary Appeal for funds to support this work. We welcome donations of any amount. The names of all donors will be listed on the Centenary Appeal Donors page (unless they ask to remain anonymous) as:

Platinum Sponsors (£5,000 or more)
Gold Sponsors (£2,000-£5,000)
Silver Sponsors (£500-£2,000)
Supporters (up to £500)

All sponsors will receive complimentary tickets for the Centenary Musical Soirée and Reception.

The appeal target is £28,000, and we are delighted that two Platinum Sponsors, one Gold, three Silver Sponsors and two Supporters have already committed to making a total of £14,000 available to match other donations. All donations from UK taxpayers will be eligible for Gift Aid. So the Foundation will actually receive £2.50 for every further pound now donated. 

If you have enjoyed Peter’s music and would like to help us celebrate it and share it more widely, please do consider making a donation. See the Donate to the Centenary Appeal page for details of how to donate.  

Donate Here

Promoting the music

We will be working actively throughout the year to promote works that we believe are most suitable to performers who might be interested in them. 

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in programming music by Peter, in particular if you would like help or advice with choosing works or mounting performances or recordings. This website provides an overview of his musical output with notes that may help you to select pieces that would be suitable in terms of their length and character, the forces required, and the availability of scores. As a starter, we list a few pieces below that we think might be of particular interest in various categories and for which typeset editions are available or close to completion (follow the links to find them). But please browse the website further – there are so many gems to be found! And if you are already an admirer of Peter's work, please do bring this website and the centenary initiative to the attention of friends and colleagues who might be interested in programming works.

Church music

In December 2021 we sent an introductory pack, including several accessible works, to the Directors of Music at a number of Cathedrals, Churches and Chapels - the pack can be downloaded as a single zip file here.

Other choral music

Instrumental and chamber music

Orchestral music


Do please let us know through our contact form or by email at if you are interested in programming a piece. We would be delighted to discuss the suitability of these and many other pieces for your circumstances.  We would also be pleased to discuss if we might be able to help with access to scores and parts for other works. And if you would be interested in recording pieces you perform, we’d be pleased to discuss if we might be able to help with that as well. 

Finally, do please let us know if you do programme or record a piece by Peter Tranchell, so we can include it in our calendar of performances and list of recordings.