Double chant for Psalm 75 in A major, D major or E flat major, and Psalm 102 in B flat major

Four versions of this double chant are known. Three are found in the Cambridge University Library archive: 

The chant is also published as Psalm 102 in the St. Paul's Psalter (Scott, 1997) in B flat major. That version is not found in the CUL archive.

The St Paul's Psalm 102 version features in a live BBC radio broadcast from St Paul’s Cathedral London, 20 December 1978, with the choir of St Paul’s Cathedral, directed by Barry Rose, and Christopher Dearnley (organ), now published on YouTube by the "Archive of Recorded Church Music". Psalm 102 is at 3:20.

The full typeset PDF score for the Psalm 75 A major version can be obtained here (or click on the image below).

MusicXML version suitable for import into MuseScore or Sibelius (etc) can be obtained here.

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Peter Tranchell Psalm 75 double chant in A major