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Music from Caius

Music from Caius (1985) is an LP recorded by Andrew Parker. Gonville and Caius College has some remaining copies which can be purchased by contacting contacting the Choir Administrator.

The sleeve notes and selected extracts are included below.


The Choirs of Caius College, 1978-1982

perform music by Caian composers

Music from Caius LP 1985 sleeve front,

Music from Caius LP 1985 sleeve back

The LP included a 16-page booklet produced by Peter Tranchell, with track listing, song texts, and information about the composers. Unfortunately only Part 1 of the booklet made it to print.

Text from the LP sleeve:

1 Kyrie from Missa Portae Honoris Charles Wood
2 Psalm 121 Peter Tranchell
3 My song is love unknown, from Cantata for Lent Patrick Hadley solo baritone - Brendan Clover
4 His way of taming a shrew Peter Tranchell
5 God which hast prepared Thomas Mudd
6 Jhonsons Medley [sic] Edward Johnson harpsichord - Trevor Blease
7 It was an English lady bright Charles Wood
8 Psalm 133 Peter Tranchell

1 Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in B [sic] Peter Tranchell
2 Psalm 147 Nigel Burton
3 Lament Heathcote Statham organ - Trevor Blease
4 A day in the garden Peter Tranchell
5 No more of thee and me Peter Tranchell
6 The dog that sat Peter Tranchell
7 Agnus Dei from Missa Portae Honoris Charles Wood


England's musical golden-age of the late sixteenth century was pre-echoed by Dr John Caius when he re-founded and re-endowed the College in 1557, for one of his statues required an organ in the Chapel and tests of musical ability for scholars seeking admission.

Thomad Mudd(e) and Edward Johnson were enrolled as Caians in 1557 and 1594 respectively.

During the seventeenth century the College Puritans sold the organ and discarded the statute.

Musical Services were resumed only some two hundred years later (1866), a Walker organ obtained (1868) and Organ Scholarships established (1885). Charles Wood entered the College in 1889. He was to be influential in many ways.

The College Choir properly dates from the institution of Choral Awards (1891) and the recruitment of local boys for the treble line.

Patrick Hadley joined the College in 1938. At the outbreak of the 1939 War the trebles were discontinued, and Hadley built up a remarkable tradition of male-voice choral singing.

Peter Tranchell entered the College in 1959 and succeeded Hadley as Precentor in 1962. Altos were added as top line in 1973 [this is an error - altos joined in 1972], and when the College became co-residential, girls were admitted to Choral Awards from 1982. Meanwhile, a new organ was built in Chapel by Klais in 1981.

The present record represents the Choir between 1978 and 1982. The music is all by Caian Composers. Both old and new organs feature in the recording.

More detailed notes are provided within the record sleeve.

Choir Personnel

CP Aldren 5
RP Brophy 1,2,3
SJ Clift 1,2,4
DA Coleman 1
AP Day 3,4,5
JD Glover 3,4,5
D Grubb 4,5
CH Henshall 1,2
JA Jacob 1,2,3
KFC Marshall 2
EJ Storey 1

HC Baker 1,2
SR Beale 3,4,5
BD Clover 1,2
SC Cowling 1,2,3
JD Gwinnell 1,2
GJE Jenkins 2,3,4
GH Llewellyn 4,5
SJ Salmon 1,2,3,4
T Saunders 4,5

R Beddow 1,2
NG Blanshard 1,2,3
DS Bulley 1,2,3,4
PA Cowlett 4,5
RK Cross 1,2
PT Fincham 1
SPH Haigh 1,2
MCE Law 3,5
PJG Nicholson 1,2
JH Pitman 5
S Preece 1,2,3,4
CM Roberts 4,5
RA Searle 1,2
PAF Thomas 1,2,3,4
PM Wenham 5

TG Blease 1,2,3,4,5

HC Baker A7
BD Clover A3
AP Day B1
JD Glover B1
GJE Jenkins B1
GH Llewellyn B1
RA Searle A4


1. 18th November 1978. A3, A8.

2. 18th-21th June 1979. A4, A7, B4, B5.

3. 12th April 1980. A1, A2, A6, B6, B7.

4. 27th September 1981. B1.

5. 21st June 1982. A5, B2, B3.


A1 (1922), A2 (1962), A3 (1962), A4 (1977), A8 (1962), B1 (1978), B2 (1966), B3 (1963), B4 (1979), B5 (1978), B6 (1967, rev.1976), B7 (1922)

Recorded by Shelford Recording

Produced by Andrew Parker

Sleeve illustration from David Loggan, Cantabrigia Illustrata, 1690

Sleeve printed by Senol Printing Ltd

A Vista Records Production, PO Box 6, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

Record First Issued 1985

Selected track extracts from the LP

Tranchell: Psalm 121 - use the player below or download the MP3 (you may need to right-click and "save target as..." or similar to download the file):

Tranchell: Psalm 133 - use the player below or download the MP3:

Tranchell: Magnificat in B flat - use the player below or download the MP3:

Tranchell: Nunc Dimittis in B flat - use the player below or download the MP3:

Tranchell: A day in the garden - use the player below or download the MP3:

Tranchell: No more of thee and me - use the player below or download the MP3:

Tranchell: The dog that sat - use the player below or download the MP3:

Tranchell: His way of taming a shrew - use the player below or download the MP3: