Musical Works by Peter Tranchell

This area of the site is for the publication of scores and information about Peter Tranchell's musical works.

Peter Tranchell started composing as a young schoolboy, and never stopped. His output across a wide range of genres was admired in the highest circles yet after the Mayor of Casterbridge and Zuleika he advanced almost nothing for publication, and his music is little known today. This website aims to give Tranchell's music the attention it deserves, and make it available for wider appreciation.

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The most complete list of works is the "Classified Handlist". However the handlist is free-standing and does not cross-reference other resources. We are therefore also compiling a tabular index to the musical works, aiming to include cross-references to the CUL Archives and to other parts of this site where works are discussed and scores published. 

Most importantly, this site includes individual pages on selected works, including scores, photographs, information, as available. These are being published in blog format here with the facility to find scores through category tags as well as free-text searching.

Terms of publication and guidance on the use of Peter Tranchell scores

We are making computer-set versions of Peter Tranchell's music freely available without restriction. Feel free to make as many copies as you need for your non-PRS* usage (including amateur instrumentalists and orchestras, Church, Cathedral and amateur choirs). Please note that copies you make in this way may not be sold. Alternatively, printed copies are available for purchase from us - please enquire using the contact form.

We would be interested and grateful if you could let us know about any performances (past or future) for our calendar.

We (the managers of this website) have been granted a non-exclusive licence by the Syndics of the Cambridge University Library to publish these works for such use, and printed copies have been lodged with the University Library and may be consulted there by holders of a Reader's Ticket.

If you encounter any mistakes, poor formatting, or any other issues, please do contact us - we will usually be able to make alterations swiftly.

* Please note that professional performances (i.e. of a nature that require a return to made to the Performing Rights Society) or commercial recordings and broadcasts are not covered by this licence, and permission for these must be requested (via the Music Librarian) from the University Library, which may require the payment of royalties.

Some of Peter Tranchell's works are published commercially under an exclusive licence from the University Library, and these are not available here.

For further information please enquire using the contact form.