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Guidance on the use of scores published by The Peter Tranchell Foundation

The Peter Tranchell Foundation is making typeset PDF versions of Peter Tranchell's music freely available, in accordance with a non-exclusive licence from the Syndics of the Cambridge University Library (CUL) who hold the copyright in all music and writings by Peter.

The scores the Foundation is making available are intended to be suitable for performance purposes, and we have used our best endeavours to ensure they are faithful to the composer's score, with minor editorial amendments made where deemed helpful for performance. If you encounter any mistakes, poor formatting, or any other issues, please do contact us - we will usually be able to make alterations swiftly.

Please feel free to make as many copies as you need. If you do not have your own means of printing copies, we have found helpful. Please note that copies you make may not be sold. 

We would be interested and grateful if you could let us know about any performances (past or future) for our calendar of known performances.

Some of Peter Tranchell's works are published commercially under an exclusive licence from the University Library, and these are not available here.

For further information please enquire using our contact form.