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How to donate to the Peter Tranchell Foundation

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Peter Tranchell Foundation. We welcome regular giving in support of the annual Peter Tranchell Foundation Composition Prize and related activities, and one-off donations for the general work of the Foundation.

Donate with KindLink

The KindLink form below is for donations be credit/debit card. It is the easiest way to make one-off donations. You can also use it to make regular donations by specifying monthly or yearly payments, though we would prefer these to be made by standing order if possible (see below).

Donate by Standing Order, Bank Transfer or Cheque

This involves a little more work up front for you and for us but is preferred for larger one-off donations and for all regular donations because it avoids the charges we incur with the KindLink option and the complications that can occur when your credit card expires (the KindLink system does not send reminders or warnings).

To donate by Standing Order or Bank Transfer please complete the form below, after which we'll provide further instructions.

To donate by cheque, please complete the form below, and post your cheque to The Treasurer, 34 High Street, Melbourn, Royston SG8 6DZ.

If you'd like to donate by any other method, please discuss this with the Treasurer at

We need to ask you for a few details in order to comply with data protection legislation, be sure who donations are coming from and claim GiftAid where that’s relevant, and be able to get back to you with further information. If you are donating by standing order, bank transfer or cheque please complete the form below - it should take less than a minute! (Or, if an online form doesn't work for any reason, you can download this Word document form, complete it on your computer, and email it to; or print this PDF, complete in ink and post to The Treasurer, 34 High Street, Melbourn, Royston SG8 6DZ). Submitted information will be stored and processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Essential details if donating by Standing Order, Bank Transfer or Cheque 

Note: if the form below isn't usable for any reason, try accessing the form here. There's no need to complete this form if donating via KindLink.