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Child's Play revue for the Players Theatre - three songs

In 1958  wrote a revue titled Child's Play for the Players’ Theatre, comprising four songs (according to the Classified Handlist):

A near thing - MS.Tranchell.2.656(1)

Old number - MS.Tranchell.2.657(1)

A tedious affair - (sketches) MS.Tranchell.2.655

Tenement cantata - listed as missing in the Classified Handlist, however the CUL archive records Hush he sleeps : Cantata MS.Tranchell.2.654(1)- as being found in the same Child's Play folder, so we presume this is the same work as Tenement Cantata. It is described as an unfinished draft.

At present we have no evidence of performance at/by the Players' Theatre, and the fourth song doesn't survive in a completed form.


A recording of Tranchell himself performing the first three listed songs:

Free PDF scores

A Near Thing - draft

Old Number - work in progress

A Tedious Affair - draft

© Cambridge University Library MS.Tranchell.2.655, MS.Tranchell.2.656, MS.Tranchell.2.657. Reproduced with the permission of the Syndics of the Cambridge University Library