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Psalm 150

For unison voices & organ, in E major. With antiphon: Praise the Lord, Halleluia.

First composed in 1968, with versions for unison voices and organ and an orchestral score. This version was 'Revised Sept 1974' - according to a note at the end.

Cambridge University Library MS.Tranchell.1.93. Revision of MS.Tranchell.2.369.

From The Caian November 1971 (written by PAT):

Bishop Hugh Montefiore, when Dean, was responsible for the introduction of special musical settings of the psalms, with illuminating refrains. After ten years the tradition has crystallised into the singing of these settings (composed mostly by Peter Tranchell for the purpose) as a regular item at evensongs on Thursdays. There are now eighteen settings; and they increase annually as opportunity affords.

The full typeset PDF score can be obtained here (or click on the image below). Please contact us if you would like to order pre-printed copies. Please also see our guidance on the use of this score.

Tranchell Psalm 150 score