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These few bars served to bid silence in hall at Annual Gatherings and the like. We have published a typeset score of the SATBrBBB E flat version, MS.Tranchell.4.110. The note at the end suggests that the original (MS.Tranchell.4.109 for AATBrBBB) was set in D sharp, and refers to the origin of the work. Guy Turner recalls:

At the Perse Feast in1974 the choir begun singing from the balcony and the punters did not stop talking. Peter T went white with fury, and at the end of the number turned to the audience and shouted 'We will now sing that piece again for the benefit of those who weren't listening - courtesy IS courtesy!' - to many dignitaries, including, I think, the Lord Chancellor! At feasts thereafter Silentium was sung. So the '3 Octaves higher' refers to his anger on that occasion.