Dazzling Darkness

An anthem for baritone solo, ATBrBB choir and organ, written in October 1976. Words: James Cotter; music: Peter Tranchell.

Peter Marchbank reviewed the score:

The priest, James Cotter, was the Chaplain of Caius College from 1974 to 1977. He had a keen interest in mental health and the power of religious faith to help those who suffered from problems. To that end, he had written a number of books and collections of poetry. Peter was moved to set one of his poems in October 1975. “Dazzling Darkness” is composed for tenor soloist, a choir comprising altos, tenors, baritones and basses with an organ accompaniment. The title is taken from the refrain which ends each verse except the last: “There is in God, some way, a deep but dazzling darkness”. The music of each verse is much the same always ending in C sharp, although each verse begins with a repeated augmented triad on B. As with all of these early anthems, the choral writing is attractive and straightforward with the richer harmonic interest occurring in the organ part.

We will make a score available here soon.