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Anglican double psalm chant by "I. Hosenburg"

When PAT eventually bought a television he became obsessed with the Australian TV soap Neighbours (among other things!). He arranged the well-known theme tune (by Tony Hatch) as an Anglican chant - it was heard at least once in Caius chapel services, receiving the reaction ‘that seems faintly familiar...’ although the harmonisation is pure Tranchell.

The composer's name is an anagram of "Neighbours", and the arranger "I'm astraan" i.e. Australian. The chant was probably written around 1987. In a letter of August 1988 PAT wrote:

Recently I turned that odious tune which heralds and concludes the soap-opera “Neighbours” into a psalm-chant. Two of the lads in the choir recognized it and gave me significant oeillades during practice. Nobody else noticed anything. But then I suppose ‘Pop goes the Queen’ is much the same as ‘God save the Weasel’, and one psalm-chant can appear to resemble any other.

We are publishing this in celebration of the life and works of Reg Grundy, the television producer behind the Neighbours soap opera, who died aged 92 a few days ago. Mr Grundy's production company also created many of Australia's other biggest TV shows, including The Young Doctors and Prisoner, called Prisoner: Cell Block H in the UK and elsewhere.

© Cambridge University Library. Classmark MS.Tranchell.4.235. Published by permission of the Syndics of the Cambridge University Library.

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Tranchell, alias I. Hosenburg, psalm chant on Neighbours theme