Seven Pieces in Alphabetical Order


Seven Pieces in Alphabetical Order. 1947 revised 1960. For piano.

Note on title page:
'These pieces are designed to be played in the order given, on a piano which has the top C.
It is said that in Hindu music certain notes are named after creatures.
This work, first written in July 1947, was re-written in September 1960'.
Note on title page of original: 'The notes of the Hindu scale are called after various birds and animals: C. Peacock - D. Rainy season bird - E. Goat - F. Crane - G. Cuckoo - A. Frog - B. Elephant. The music attempts to illustrate the animals and suggest the appropriate key'.

I. Peacock [C]

II. Rainy season bird [D]

III. Goat [E]

IV. Crane [F]

V. Cuckoo [G]

VI. Frog [A]

VII. Elephant [B]

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