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Salonika Nights

Peter Tranchell's Salonika Nights: Valse for solo piano is presumed to date from 1945-46. Tranchell was stationed in Greece for some of 1945, mentioning Salonika in a letter home on 5th July ("Salonika is not a nice place...") and again on 31st December ("We are still in Salonika..."). Peter’s piano-playing ability had been a useful attribute throughout his wartime service; he often “officiated” at dances and led the small band. Salonika Nights was presumably written for such an occasion. It’s a delightful salon-piece consisting of an eight bar introduction followed by four waltzes in different keys, after which the first is repeated. The manuscript is written in two different colours of ink, and contains a number of alterations, but no dynamic markings. The work lasts about 13-14 minutes at a typical waltz tempo.

Obtain the typeset score here, or click on the image below.

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Part of the cover page of Peter Tranchell's Salonika Nights concert waltz for solo piano