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Twist me a crown of wind-flowers

Peter Tranchell's unaccompanied SATB setting of Christina Rossetti's poem 'Twist me a crown of wind-flowers'.

The date of this work is not known, and the CUL catalogue entry states "In hand of and probably composed by Peter Tranchell.". The harmonic style is certainly consistent with Tranchell's, and we have no reason to doubt it's his work; when PAT transcribed or arranged the work of others he was meticulous in attributing the originators, while in his own scores the attribution could be located anywhere or entirely missing as in this case. In its presentation the score most closely resembles a string quartet from 1949, Tranchell's MusB year.

Only one copy is known to exist, in pencil, so it's likely this work was not performed in Tranchell's lifetime. Following our publication of a typeset edition, the piece has been performed by the Choral Scholars of St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, directed by Joseph Fort.

The typeset score is available as a PDF here or by clicking on the image from the original score below. 

Please see our guidance on the use of this score.

Peter Tranchell's Twist me a round of wind-flowers