Bullocks terrorize household

A newspaper story paraphrased by Peter Tranchell in the style of a psalm, pointed to be sung to Anglican chants by H. S. Oakely & John Foster, originally arranged for TBrBB. From Carmen cotidianum. no. 1. The piece features on the commemoration CD, recorded in 2005 by a choir of alumni.  The recording features significant pauses at the commas, reflecting the chanting style under PAT's direction.

The "psalm" concludes:

Story│be · from the│Guardian,
   And from the Sun,│and · from the│Morning│Post;
What they wrote in the beginning, ain't true, and│never│shall be,
   Distorted for│Ever · and│Ever, · A-│men.

Arranged for SATB by C. Flower 26th December 2018.

The full typeset PDF score can be obtained here. or by clicking on the image below.

Tranchell Bullocks Terrorize Household