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An extract from "Bright Tracks", by Richard Pike, 2017

A passage about first meeting "Angelo", a flamboyant ballet trainer from Athens, during travels in Greece in 1959, on page 119 of Bright Tracks, by Richard Pike (who read Classics at King’s College, Cambridge), published 28/01/2017 by Troubador:

The word gay was not in use then but I'd had some experience of the scene, after my part earlier in the year in the Cambridge Greek Play. There I encountered the composer, Peter Tranchell and the stage designer, Dr Malcolm Burgess who were obviously more than good friends. I was still dining out on stories about what I called the queer party I'd attended at the end of the play's run which Peter and Malcky had organised.

But all homosexual activities were still kept strictly underground in society as they were illegal, and our knowledge and acceptance of them was limited to gossip, hearsay and stereotyping. As Angelo was a male ballet trainer and one-time dancer, and as he used scent, as Malcolm Burgess did, I began to wonder about him.

The Greek Play in 1959 was Antigone of Sophocles. Peter Tranchell wrote the music, and from this page on the Cambridge Greek Plays website we learn that Richard Pike was the Chorus Leader.