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During the 1969 tour to Norfolk, the choir sang Mattins at St. Peter's Church, Brooke, 10 a.m. Sunday 22 June 1969.

The image gallery below contains scanned pages from the booklet used by members of the choir. A copy was kindly provided by John Williams, who played Viola in the Introit Hymn:

My memory of this (I was the viola player) is that we all had to gradually process in, singing, during the hymn, then pick up our instruments and join in, hence the orchestration getting thicker in each verse as the players arrived at the east end. Quite mad!

Order of service:

Introit Hymn: At the name of Jesus (words: Caroline Maria Noel (1817–1877), music: Michael Brierley (b.1932), arr. Peter Tranchell (1922-1993))
Preces and Responses - Smith
Venite Exultemus Domino - single Ouseley chant in E major
Psalm 150 - Peter Tranchell's setting (score and information)
Te Deum - Stanford in C
Benedictus - Lang in A
Anthem - I was glad, Parry
Hymn 701 (EDEN)
Sermon Rev. Prof. Geoffrey Lampe
Hymn 160 (NICAEA)
Organ voluntary (unspecified)