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Caius Choir Alumni Event 2016 (with recordings)

On Sunday 19th June 2016 Gonville & Caius College hosted its first event for the newly-formed Caius Choir Alumni. All former members of the Choir (choral exhibitioners, volunteers, Caians and non-Caians) and former Organ Scholars were invited to attend. 

The programme for the afternoon and evening was as follows:

3 pm  Tea in Gonville Court
3.45 pm  Welcome from the Precentor
4 pm Rehearsal in Chapel
4.45 pm Photo in Caius Court
5 pm   Evensong
6-8 pm  Drinks in Gonville Court

In this year of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Charles Wood, music by all the College’s Organists and Precentors featured at Evensong, including Peter Tranchell's anthem Fortunare Nos and his setting of Psalm 126.


Recordings of Tranchell's music from the service are available below, with the kind permission of the Precentor and the various soloists. Quality is not great, as the recording was made on a cheap phone.

Psalm 126 Peter Tranchell (G&CC 1960) - use the player below or download the MP3:

Anthem Fortunare Nos, Peter Tranchell - use the player below or download the MP3: