The Gentle Power of Song

I came across this piece on the late-1960s psychedelic band "The Gentle Power of Song", and of course the marvellous "Constant Penelope" track on YouTube:

Describing the origins of the band, author (and founder/manager of the band) Marcus Bicknell remembers "Six choral exhibitioners at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, singing male voice medieval and renaissance church music under Peter Tranchell, a musical director known for his wit and musical innovation, were not discouraged from extra-mural activities." And the rest was history, and fuzz guitar.

We'd love to hear from Marcus and others in the band whether PAT was anything other than "not discouraging"? Did he have any musical input? We see in one programme listing:

"Sergeant Pepper: Peter Tranchell’s Psychedelic Hearts Club Band" and "Bullocks" - was the latter by any chance the unique "Seven Bullocks Escaped"?